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On This Day in History - 24th May


1819Queen Victoria
1836Joseph Rowntree, Founder of 'Rowntrees' confectioners
1855Arthur W. Pinero, English playwright
1928Stanley Baxter, Comedian
1941Bob Dylan, American singer/songwriter
1943Gary Burghoff, US actor; played 'Radar' in TV's M*A*S*H
1966Eric Cantona, Controversial French footballer


1862Westminster bridge, across the Thames, was opened
1916Conscription began in Britain
1941HMS Hood, a British warship, was sunk by the German battleship 'Bismark'
1948The USSR stopped road & rail traffic between Berlin & the West
1956The 2,500th anniversary of the death of Buddha was celebrated in India
1958The nuclear reactor at Dounreay began working
1976Concordes from Britain & France flew to Washington D.C for the first time
1982The British ship 'HMS Antelope' sank after a fire, in the Falklands conflict
1983A huge IRA bomb exploded at Andersonstown police station, Belfast
1985A tidal wave struck Bangladesh, causing much damage