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On This Day in History - 2nd March


1793Sam Houston, Texan leader
1923Basil Hume, Archbishop of Westmister
1931Mikhail Gorrbachev, Former soviet leader
1949Naomi James, Yachtswoman and author
1949J.P.R Williams, Welsh rugby player
1950Karen Carpenter, Singing member of the 'Carpenters'
1958Ian Woosnam, Welsh born golfer


1882An assassination attempt was made on the life of Queen Victoria
1958The Antartic was crossed for the first time by Dr Vivian Fuchs
1969The supersonic aircraft Concorde made its first test flight in France
1970Rhodesia became an independent republic from Britain
1972The American Pioneer 10, bound for the planet Jupiter, was launched
1986The Queen signed a proclamation giving Australia legal independence
1988The Liberals and Social Democrats merged to form the Liberal Democrats