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Garden Diary


Summer-flowering bulbs are still showing in August. This is also a month for tidying up and planning for next Winter and Spring.

Jobs to be done:

Narcissi bulbs, from the smallest to the largest daffodils can now be planted. If you want indoor winter flowering, prepare the bowls for this too.

Take care when pruning lavender. New growth should be lightly trimmed, old wood that is cut back will not shoot again.

Dahlias will probably need extra staking at this time.

Calendula, larkspur, cornflowers, alyssum and sweet sultan can all be sown now for early bloom during next Summer.

Berberis, buddleias, and many evergreens will root easily this month. Leaves should be removed from the lower half of the stem, and the end of the cuttings should be dipped in hormone rooting powder.

Roses should be sprayed against blackspot. Old wood should be cut out from established ramblers.

Top Tips:

Caring for your garden can produce wonderful results and a great sense of achievement. These seasonal tips should help save time and prevent your hard work going to waste!

  • Frequent lawn-mowing is still required. If you are going away leave grass cuttings on lawn as this will help retain moisture.
  • Apply weedkiller with a paint brush to spot treat isolated weeds.
  • New growth from roses may appear from below the ground in the form of suckers, these should be cut off.
  • Hedges such as Beech, Hornbeam, Yew and Privet can be clipped during the last part of August.
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