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Garden Diary


In October shrubs and trees have their final flourish before winter sets in and the warm glow of falling leaves replaces the vibrant colours of the summer garden.

Jobs to be done:

This is one of the better months for planting evergeen and conifer hedges.

Deciduous hedging plants should have a final trim of the year. Hedges such as beech, hornbeam and privet which were planted during Spring, should be cut back to around 18 inches from ground level. Other slower growing hedges should only be lightly pruned.

Herbaceous borders require overhauling every four or five years. This can be done by removing and dividing most plants during late Autumn and apply manure by digging deeply into the soil.

Large borders should be done in small sections at a time as plants should not be left out of the ground for too long.

There's not usually much work left to do on the lawns by October, unless the weather is exceptionally mild. Usually only three or four further mowings are needed, the last of which should only be a very light trim

Top Tips:

Caring for your garden can produce wonderful results and a great sense of achievement. These seasonal tips should help save time and prevent your hard work going to waste!

  • For future autumn and winter colour there are many shrubs, trees and climbers that can be planted now.
  • Prepare ground and allow soil to settle before planting new roses.
  • Renew ties and stakes for existing roses where needed.
  • Lawns should be treated against worms and all bumps and hollows should be repaired prior to the final cut - which should only be a light trim.
  • Throughout the coming months, keep a check on bulbs that have been removed and placed into store, making sure to remove any that are rotting so as not to spread disease.
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