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Garden Diary


June is the month of the rose. Many flowers are now in bloom but the rose, with her many different shapes and colours must take pride of place in any garden.

Jobs to be done:

Disbudding of roses is an essential job this month and supplementary feeding is also recommended. Spray immediately upon sight of mildew and be watchful also for insect pests.

You will now need to mow lawns twice a week. They will benefit from being raked once or twice this month prior to being cut, and this helps to keep down the amount of weeds.

Spring bulbs will be deteriorating now and these can be removed, put into boxes and left to dry off.

Any climbing plants will need plenty of support to encourage growth. Any non-clinging wall plants' main shoots should be tied to vertical wires until they are strong enough to support themselves.

Tulips that flowered in May should be removed for half-hardy bedding plants. Any decaying petals should be removed.

Before replanting any new plants, fork fertilizer into soil.

Top Tips:

Caring for your garden can produce wonderful results and a great sense of achievement. These seasonal tips should help save time and prevent your hard work going to waste!

  • Perennials prefer moist positions so should be watered prior to arranging.
  • Half-hardy plants such as asters, petunias, dahlias, lobelia and african marigolds can now be planted.
  • Removing the centre bud of the truss in floribunda and modern shrub roses will encourage a better display.
  • During June, side shoots will appear and should be pinched out while still soft and in their early stages. This will encourage the flower to bloom to its full potential.
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