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Garden Diary


January is a month for relaxing in an armchair and catalogue gardening. Seeds and plants are best ordered now.

Jobs to be done:

You can now plant fruit trees and bushes, subject to weather conditions. If there is a frost or if the soil is too wet, the plant's root ball should be covered and left in a garage or shed until the weather improves.

If hyacinths or narcissi are in covered pots outdoors, they should be brought into the home or the greenhouse to be kept warm. At this stage hyacinth heads should not be showing, but should be well out of the neck of the bulb. Narcissi shoots should be approximately 4 inches in height.

Tulips should still remain outdoors, as with crocuses and snowdrops. Snowdrops are very hardy bulbs and seem to weather the snow. They are known to enjoy the snow and are always the first to flower outside.

If there's a nice dry day during January, there is no reason why you cannot mow the lawn, as long as there's no frost or excess moisture. If the conditions are right, mowing the lawn will prevent the grass growing too long and becoming matted.

Patio areas and paths should always be kept clean, especially during this time of the year as they can become very slippery. Always keep them swept and free from fallen leaves.

Top Tips:

Caring for your garden can produce wonderful results and a great sense of achievement. These seasonal tips should help save time and prevent your hard work going to waste!

  • When cutting the lawn for the first time ensure that the edges of the lawn are also trimmed.
  • If you are thinking about planting any new hedges, prepare the area and always allow a few weeks settling period prior to planting.
  • With herbaceous plants, sowing can begin for Summer.
  • Root cuttings can be taken now for planting in borders at a later date.
  • Early stage pruning can begin on roses.
  • Whilst relaxing in your armchair and ordering your summer bulbs, do not forget to take stock of your greenhouse requirements, these can be ordered at the same time. Manure should also be stocked up for use in early Spring.
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