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On This Day in History - 19th October


1784Leigh Hunt, Poet and essayist
1833Adam Lindsay Gordon, Australian poet
1862Auguste Lumiere, French photographic pioneer
1925Bernard Hepton, Stage and screen actor
1930Mavis Nicholson, Radio and TV presenter
1931John Le Carre, English author,creator of 'George Smiley'
1944Peter Tosh, Jamaican reggae artist


1745Jonathan Swift, author of 'Gullivers Travels', died aged 77
1781The American War of Independence ended, with the surrender of Lord Cornwallis to George Washington at Yorktown, USA
1901A Brazilian, Albert De Santon, flew his airship around the Eiffel Tower in Paris, to win a prize of 1,000 pounds
1914In London, wartime licensing laws came into operation, premises having to close at 10pm
1925A US-Franco expedition to Algeria found ancient sea shells, proving the Sahara was once partially submerged
1989The 'Guilford Four', accused of IRA bombings, had their convictions quashed after serving 14 years in prison