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On This Day in History - 17th February


1653Ancangelo Corelli, Italian composer and violinist
1766Thomas Malthus, English economist
1929Yassir Arafat, Palestinian leader & Nobel Prize winner
1934Barry Humphries, Australian actor/creator of 'Dame Edna'
1934Alan Bates, English actor
1941Julia McKenzie, British actress
1950Prunella Gee, British actress


1864A submarine was successfully used to attack a warship, for the first time
1880The Russian tsar survived an attempted bomb assassination
1883The Vacant/Engaged toilet door sign was patented
1909Geronimo, the American indian Apache leader, died
1958The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament was formed in Britain
1972The House of Commons voted in favour of Britain joining the Common Market
1972The Volkswagon 'Beetle' became the most successful production model, selling over 15 million vehicles
1994Russian troops joined the UN peace keeping forces in Bosnia