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Holiday Advice

For most of us holidays are a time for relaxation, taking things a little slower and getting away from our usual routines. You can make sure your holidays are the enjoyable experiences you've been looking forward to by taking some simple steps:

Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead

Unless you've booked a last minute deal you should have plenty of time to prepare for your holiday. Start by listing what needs to be done, the extras you need to buy and a rough list of what you intend to take. Leaving it all until you're in the 'holiday mood' just a few days before departure will only have you stressed out!

If you're going to need vaccinations, they will need to be organised well in advance so check with your doctor's surgery or travel clinic. Sunscreens and other travel products are available year-round and adding one or two items to your weekly shopping won't give you a big bill just as you're about to leave!

Organising passports and Visas is another job that needs to be taken care of in advance. Don't rely on the Passport Office's standard delivery times, particularly during peak season. Make sure your passports and any visas are up to date when you book your trip.

Travelling With Children

Travelling with children

Younger children have little concept of time and even relatively short journeys can seem endless to them, hence the well used enquiry 'Are we there yet?', usually first heard about a mile from home!

Taking a variety of activities with you will keep them amused and doesn't have to mean taking an extra suitcase! Activity books, pocket games, a portable cd player, or an iPod are things that can also be used once you arrive on holiday. It's a good idea to plan what activities you'll take before you rush out of the door - ask the children what they'd like to do and look on the journey as part of the holiday. Making it fun for the children will keep them happier and you less stressed!

If travelling by plane it's a good idea to have a change of clothes, toiletries, snacks and drinks for the children in your hand luggage, particularly for the very young - if you expect to be delayed and prepare for it, you're much less likely to be flustered if it does happen!

For more in-depth information and advice, check out the Travelling With Children web site!

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Whatever type of holiday you enjoy, there's nothing worse than wondering if you switched the heating off or unplugged the kettle before you left home. So take your organisation one step further and include a list of jobs which you can tick off as they're done!

If possible, arrange for a friend, neighbour or member of the family to check on the house while you're away, to move post away from the front door and generally give the appearance that someone's around.

And don't forget the pets! Make arrangements well in advance so there are no last minute panics as to who will feed the cat while you're away!

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